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Don’t Fret Over Taxes in Bankruptcy

You have heard the stories; the attorney that messed up a tax discharge, filed his client’s bankruptcy 2 weeks too early; that attorney ended up paying his client’s $30,000 tax bill. Don’t be that attorney. Malpractice is rare in bankruptcy, but there is one area that will always nail a bankruptcy attorney for malpractice, and that is discharging taxes in bankruptcy.

You may feel confident that you can handle the analysis, and you can; but in this day and age, an expert second opinion is how you cover your…I mean, protect yourself. However, most attorneys only encounter tax issues a handful of times per year, and given the various rules, tolling events, and issues surrounding how bankruptcy treats tax debt, that knowledge is not naturally retained. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend time relearning the subject. However, your client’s are  counting on you to get it right.

If that sounds familar, you have found the solution. Bankruptcy Tax Discharge is your partner, a vital piece of your bankruptcy practice, to tackle the bankruptcy tax case with confidence and profit from that case.

Whether you have been in practice for 2 days or 2 decades, we will provide you with the certainty and confidence to accept and successfully handle that complex bankruptcy tax case.

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Bankruptcy Tax Discharge Provides a Comprehensive Analysis

Put a net around the butterflies in your stomach when you encounter a bankruptcy tax case. We provide written opinions for your use, not a short email or a phone call. An experienced attorney that straddles the world of bankruptcy and tax debt resolution will review the matter you submit and draft the analysis letter. Our comprehensive analysis not only includes a discharge analysis, but we can also provide issue spotting, tax lien analysis and explanation, summary of non-bankruptcy options to deal with non-dischargeable tax debt, and research and opinion on any matter related to tax and bankruptcy.


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Who is Right for Bankruptcy Tax Discharge?

Any bankruptcy attorney that is tired of referring tax cases to the local perceived expert. Any bankruptcy attorney that wants to avoid making a costly mistake, but also wants to earn a profit on the work of others. Any bankruptcy attorney who hates having that sinking feeling when they encounter a tax case. We provide the solution to give you confidence and make money.


If Your Ready to Conquer the Tax Case…

Realize there is a solution, a company here to help you understand what can, and cannot, be done in bankruptcy with tax debt and help you achieve exceptional results for your clients. Bankruptcy Tax Discharge provides the knowledge and expertise needed to make you more profitable and self-assured in dealing with taxes in bankruptcy.


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